Surgical intervention


Breast reduction

The breast reduction is technically and regarding the scar position similar to the breast lift, only the patient’s initial situation is totally different. The breast reduction is carried out when the breast is too large (breast hyperplasia). In most cases, an oversized breast causes severe back and neck pain, causing abnormal postures in the long run. The breast reduction can help.

Description of the breast reduction

Your upper body will be carefully measured shortly before the operation. We will mark landmarks directly on the skin; these are anatomic points like suprasternal notch (notch above the breast bone) and the horizontal. We pay attention to the symmetry of the new décolletage when we mark the skin. The marking in upright position is very important, since asymmetries become visible only in that position if the patient has scoliosis (deformity of the spine) or leg-length discrepancy. We mark the position of the new fold under the breast and the position of the incision.

In the operating room, you will be placed on special gel pads and covered with a heating blanket. The anaesthesia doctor will induce anaesthesia. Shortly before the beginning of the operation, you will receive an antibiotic through the vein to prevent infection. The surgical procedure will take 1 to 2 hours and will be performed under general anaesthesia. The anaesthesia specialist will be with you during the whole operation and watch your vital signs carefully. Learn more about anaesthesia here.

We pay special to the correct sterile disinfection and draping. After that, the markings will be measured one more time. A local anaesthetic will be administered in the operative area. This contains an additional medicine that causes constriction of the small blood vessels, which diminishes bleeding during the operation. After a T-shaped incision is made (learn more about surgical technique here), excessive breast tissue is removed. In most cases the nipple is moved upwards a little and reduced, and excessive skin is removed. Then we close the skin with resorbable suture material.

Drains are placed during the operation. They drain out fluid and blood that collect in the wound between the pectoral muscle and the new breast. These drains will be removed after 3-5 days. Then the incision edges are taped with special wound plaster. The final dressing consist of gauze compresses, support bra, and compressive dressing of elastic bandage. You will wear this support bra for at least 3 weeks. Find more information on postoperative care under the menu option Postoperative care.  The patient is brought into the recovery room, where she will probably sleep for another hour.

The next morning after the rounds of the treating doctor or the doctor-in-training, you will be discharged from the hospital accompanied by a person. Important: you may not drive for the next 14 days. An accompanying person is necessary (you may not take a taxi unaccompanied). Learn more important facts about your behaviour before and after the breast lift with Berkei Aesthetic Surgery in the next section Patient information and preparation for surgery.

Your consultation for the breast reduction

You can reach us to schedule your consultation for surgical procedures daily at the telephone number and during the business hours given below. We look forward to seeing you Tuesdays and Thursdays during our office hours. Please note that a fee of €100 will be due after the one-hour consultation, including a thorough evaluation by the treating doctor.

Schedule a consultation at +49 (0)69 920 200 96 or write us with a photograph and a request for appointment at a time of your convenience at We look forward to speaking with you!