Components of the cost of your breast operation:

After the consultation in our praxis regarding breast surgery you will receive a general view of the costs of the whole treatment. Within a week you will receive a detailed cost plan.

The components of the cost of a breast operation are the following:

  • Treatment fee
  • Treatment and operating-room cost
  • Anaesthesia cost
  • Hospital cost
  • Room and board cost
  • Cost of postoperative care(dressing change, suture removal, postoperative follow-up)

Always ask for costs of follow-up treatments, scar corrections or follow-up operations if applicable. Costs of follow-up treatments can occur depending on the situation (multiple prior operations, scars, weak connective tissue). In rare cases, costs can change for various reasons during the treatment.

My individual cost estimate

In order to give you a general view of the cost of your breast operation, you will receive from us a cost estimate after the consultation. This will encompass the cost of the medical services of the treating doctor as plastic surgeon, including operation and postoperative care. We can estimate the costs of the anaesthesia services and of the operating room and the hospitalisation based on the duration of the operation and the hospital stay. When the operation is scheduled, you will receive a detailed cost estimate from the hospital for their services.

General view of the cost

It is difficult to generate a general view of the costs of breast surgery. Each breast is individual and so is each treatment. After the evaluation of the breast consistency, we will be able to list the detailed costs of the planned treatment. We understand that many of our young patients or patients who have travelled from far away are very interested in discussing the cost issue early on.

  • Breast augmentation: the breast augmentation with breast implant costs between €5.500 and €7.000.
  • Breast lift: The cost of the breast lift ranges between €5.000 and €5.500.
  • Breast reduction: If breast tissue needs to be removed from a large breast, the cost is between €5.000 and €5.500.

The costs of general anaesthesia and hospital stay range between €600 and €1.500.

Hospital and general anaesthesia:

The cost of the general anaesthesia depends on the duration of the breast operation and the type of general anaesthesia. The cost of the hospital stay depends on the hospital room and on the hospital where the operation will be performed.

Please be aware that the cost of medicines and pain pills is not included in this general view. We determine at the preoperative evaluation, 2-4 weeks prior to the operation, what medications you are likely to need, depending on your treatment. The prescriptions cost in most cases €100 to €200.


You can contact us by telephone or email to discuss the cost issue. Please take 5 minutes time and describe in your email your problem as accurately as possible. We can then give you prior to the consultation an idea of the cost for your general orientation. We answer emails within 24 hours on business days. Front-view and side-view photographs of the affected body area help us give you by email an idea of the cost of the operation.