Combined operations


Breast augmentation and breast lift

The breast can shrink markedly after pregnancies or after weight loss. The skin covering it, however, does not shrink, and sags downwards. A combination of aesthetic procedures (breast augmentation combined with other techniques) can help restore the natural shape of the breast.

When the inside of the breast shrinks and the covering skin remains stretched, the whole proportion is affected. Breast augmentation alone is not enough, because the skin doesn’t shrink and the areolas are no longer correctly positioned. On the other hand, a breast lift by itself cannot restore the desired size and proportion of the breast.

Which procedures are combined?

The combination of breast augmentation by means of breast implant and breast lift is called ‘augmentation mastopexy’ in medical parlance. The two procedures used to be performed at different times, but today they are performed in the same sitting. In a breast lift combined with augmentation by means of breast implant, the tissue of the breast is repositioned, and the nipple is shifted upwards. The excess skin is removed and the implant is placed under the breast tissue exactly like after the pure breast augmentation. Learn more about the procedure of breast augmentation and breast lift in the relevant menu options.

How much does a combination breast augmentation and breast lift cost?

The cost of a breast lift with augmentation varies. The cost of your individual operation can only be determined after your evaluation. Schedule a consultation at +49 (0)69 920 200 96 or send us an email to We would love to hear from you.