Breast implants for more femininity

Breast implants are cushions made of synthetic material used in breast augmentation. The breast augmentation is one of the most common operations in Germany. The German manufacturer Polytech offers a wide spectrum of implants. Thanks to this wide range of options, we can adjust the breast augmentation to your individual needs and desires. You have the choice between breast implant of various shapes, sizes, filler materials and surface structures. You and your treating doctor can work towards your personal dream breast. Out specialist will be at your side during the decision process, helping you with advice in reconciling your desire with what is medically feasible.

Shapes of implants

The shape of the implant determines the external appearance of the breast after the surgery. There are round and anatomic (teardrop-shaped) implants.

  • Anatomic, teardrop-shaped implants are narrow in the upper part and wider in the in the lower part. This shape can lead to a very natural result, since the implant reproduces the shape of the breast and thus it adapts to the typical woman silhouette.
  • In contrast to teardrop-shaped implants, round breast implants have an equal distribution and make the breast appear fuller both in the upper part, lower part, and on the sides. They create a full décolletage with round breasts.

For the same size, each types of implant can create different volumes due to different projections (height diameter).

Surface texture: preventing capsular contraction

The surface of a breast implant can be smooth, textured (rough or pebbly), or coated with micropolyurethane.

Textured or coated implants have the advantage that they maintain their shape in the body and do not easily dislocate or rotate. The micropolyurethane coating also offers better protection against capsular contraction. The overall complication rate is lower.

Not too large, not too small: the size of your implant is critical

The desired size of the breast in each case is a personal and individual issue. However, the following objective factors must be considered:

  • The width of the chest of the patient
  • The ‘volume’ of the existing breast
  • The texture and amount of the existing skin
  • The overall body symmetry

Which size implant is best suited to you will be determined after a thorough evaluation. We have test implants which you can place in a sports bra.

How does my breast feel after the breast augmentation? Silicone filling

There are two types of breast implants: silicone implants and saline implants. Both have a silicone shell. They can be filled with saline, cohesive silicone gel or liquid silicone gel.

In most cases, we use silicone implants with cohesive silicone gel. This implant maintains a stable form. The risk of silicone leak after a break of the shell is much lower.

Which implants suit me?

The desired size of the breast in each case is a personal and individual issue. Factors like the width of the chest, the ‘volume’ of the existing breast, the texture of the skin, and the body symmetry need to be taken into consideration. During the evaluation various casts are created in order to come to a common goal.

There is a large choice of test implants that you will be able to insert and test in our examination room during the evaluation. The opportunity to see yourself in the mirror with the new breast size will help you and us enormously.  How else could a patient with an A cup know how she would look with a B or C cup?

Position of the breast implants

The ‘best’ position depends on the individual case. In general, placement of the implant under the muscle (submuscular position) leads to a more natural result in women with scant own breast tissue, since there is more tissue between the implant and the skin.

Another advantage of the submuscular position of the implant is the lower infection rate, since bacteria cannot reach the breast implant through the milk ducts. The risk of capsule fibrosis (scar around the implant) is much lower because the movements of the pectoral muscle ‘massage’ the implant. 

The position above the muscle is used frequently in women who have enough soft tissues in the breast. This tissue can be used to cover the breast implant so that it is not visible from outside or excessively palpable. Advantages of this position of the implant include a shorter healing process and less pain, since the pectoral muscle is not detached from the ribs.

The choice: Implants of Excellence

The manufacturer of our implants offers an extended warranty programme called ‘IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE’. In addition to the usual lifelong warranty for rupture (break of the shell), the manufacturer offers replacement implants for 10 years after the operation in case of capsule contracture (scar of the breast tissue), or displacement or rotation of the breast implant. Thanks to the high safety profile and low rate of capsule fibrosis, we use the special implants with Microthane coating. At the first follow-up visit in our practice, you will receive an implant passport and a registration form for the ‘IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE’ warranty programme.

Your consultation at Berkei Aesthetic Surgery

Which position is more suited to you will be determined after a thorough evaluation of the breast tissue. Schedule a consultation in our practice. You can call us Mondays to Thursdays between 9am and 6pm and Fridays between 9am and 1.30pm at +49 (0)69 920 200 96 or email us at We look forward to your call.